Monday, January 18, 2010

Useless Skills

Growing up I was a big fan of performing arts. Yeah I know that's a big news flash. I took drama starting when I was seven, choir and voice, and dance. Most of this has not been particularly useful in real life. Sure if I ever need to pretend to faint you'll be running for smelling salts (you'll probably have to run to the 18th century so start working on that time machine now), and my shower singing isn't entirely painful if you happen to overhear it. Oddly I think the one useless skill I'm proudest to have though is dancing.

What's that you say? Dancing isn't useless. No of coarse it isn't but I'm not likely to need to do any high kicks the next time I'm on a dance floor, and yes I can still do high kicks I just need to remember to stretch first (Ow). I can still

Tap dance


Polka (Hi Roses)

Belly dance (I only ever knew one move but I figure it counts)

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Roses said...

Polka (Hi Roses)

Heh. You heard me cheer.