Friday, October 30, 2009

The Thought That Counts

Email conversation with coworker

Coworker: Happy Birthday

Me: Um thanks but my birthday is in July. Thanks for the thought though.

Coworker: Lol sorry K said it was your birthday. You should just act like it is and make everyone celebrate

Me: lol good idea I'll make Dave take me out

Conversation latter with other co workers K & M (who sits next to me)

K: (standing in M's cube) Hey is it your birthday

Me: Nope it's in July. C sent me an email too

K: How funny E (yet another coworker) said it was.

M: That's weird

K: She said she got an email from you

M: From me? What is she talking about?

Me: Laughing so hard I was speechless and there were tears of laughter running down my face

I have no idea how that particular comedy of errors happened but it did cheer me up.

1 comment:

Schelle said...

is the first co-worker "E"? cause she may have been perpetuating this farce!