Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Story

A post on Roses site made me remember this story (well & it came up last weekend). Hi Roses!

A few years ago the city was doing some work across the street from our house. I'm not sure what they were doing but they cut a big hole in the sidewalk. I'm sure they had every intention of fixing it but before they could it rained. The watter filled the whole and seeped in to some power lines which knocked out half the power in our neighborhood.

"What's so interesting about that?, you ask. Well I'll tell ya. When I say it knocked out half the power in the neighborhood I don't mean that half the houses lost power. I mean that all the houses lost half their power. We had power in half the plugs in the kitchen, no power in the bedrooms but full power in the bathrooms and power in one side of the living room. We called PG&E and they said they'd come fix it in the morning but someone needed to be there so I stayed home from work. Luckily the TV was in the functioning half of the living room. Unfortunately the refrigerator was not in the functioning half of the kitchen and I had an almost full package of cream puffs melting away so I made a great personal sacrifice and ate them all.

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