Friday, August 21, 2009

Men Are From Chatanooga

Conversation while driving and a train goes by next to the freeway.

Dave: Must be the Bakersfield Train

Me: Probably

Dave: It didn't have a luggage car

Me: That must be a guy thing

Dave: What?

Me: Knowing the identifying factors for trains and cars and stuff

Dave: Well it had two engines (like this would some how clarify things for me)

Me: Yeah that knowledge is attached to the Y chromosome dude.


Roses said...

See, what *my* husband would have noticed about that train was if it was entering a tunnel.

Schelle said...

I think that it is totally a Y thing. My husband can spot a mustang from around the corner that's just showing the hint of a fender and can tell you year etc. I've seen him do this. I'm lucky to know there's a car there.

I think this is somehow related to the ability of gay men to know designers.

Dani said...

I know right?