Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raging Watters

What an exhausting but fun weekend. Saturday Fiona and I went to my SIL's (AK) baby shower. It was lovely and she made out like a bandit. There were two other little girls there and Fiona ran around like a...well like a toddler and I chased her for hours. I was wiped out by the time we were done.

Then that night AK's Mom was an angel and watched Fiona and her grand daughter so a bunch of us could go out to a nice dinner. Because our official excuse for going out was to celebrate my birthday I splurged & had the lobster ravioli and also chocolate mousse (my all time favorite food).

Sunday I went and got a pedicure and did all the weekend chores since we'd been busy all day Saturday.

Then Monday we didn't go to work again using my birthday as the excuse but really we just wanted to go to Raging Watters. Dave's brother (P) and his wife (AK) (yeah the pregnant one, brave woman) came with us and we all had a blast. Fiona was one tired and therefore cranky toddler by the time we left.

And by popular demand. Alright just Roses but she's popular with people who are me so there ya go. Here is my fabulous straw hat. Originally it was stiffer with less floppy brim but Fiona spilled some juice on it and then I wore it in the toddler area and it got soaked so it was rather fetchingly redesigned before we took the photo. Also I hope you appreciate that Dave didn't get a full body shot of me in a bikini so you don't need to pry your eyes out and burn them.


TK said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great time. Thanks again for the pictures. That was really nice of AK's mom watching the girls!!! You all deserve a great time, you work hard.

Roses said...


Now I want some sunglasses like yours, too! (My sunglasses have big lenses that wrap around my face... like old lady shades. Maybe I'll update my terrorist photo to include those this winter.)

Dani said...

Well thank you. I love those sunglasses. I got em on Ebay for cheap a couple years ago. I don't know if they're knock off's or what (they're supposed to be Dior) but I don't care I like em either way.

I'm all for accesorizing your photo. You could make it a series adding sunglasses, hats....Ooooo a feather boa!

Schelle said...

Here's my thought on the bikini...you went into public in one. You have to be doing better then most. :)

go go hot momma!