Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And He Cleans Himself With His Tongue Ewwwww

Fiona peed in the tub. Dave pulled her out so she wouldn't be stewing in her own juices so to speak. Distracted he didn't drain the tub.

A few hours later we were in bed watching tv and hear this strange thumping scrambling noise. I got up to investigate. Why are there wet spots in the hall? I returned to bed puzzled unable to determine the cause of either the noise or the drops of watter.

Vladi jumps up on the bed looking mighty irritated. I reach over to pet him. He's wet

Me: Hahahahahaha!

Dave: What?

Me: (wheezing) He fell in the bathtub

I have no idea what he was doing but boy was he surprised to find the tub full.


Roses said...

My first kitty liked to walk around the edge of the tub while I showered until the day he slipped in and was too small to climb out.

I probably shouldn't have laughed at him so hard.

Dani said...

I had a cat that did the same thing. He never fell in when he was little but he grew up to be a big ol' fat cat & one day while I was relaxing in the tub he tried to make it past the faucet & didn't make it.

It would have been funny (& in hind sight was) except he scratched the heck out of me while I was trying to rescue him. It looked like a scene from Jaws, all the watter turned red.