Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wrong on Many Levels

Once when we were dating we along with some friends including Dave's twin brother (B) were going to a bar. The doorman looks at B's drivers licence then mine then Dave's and rather than comment on the fact that they have the same birth date and last name (which was sometimes an issue with doormen) he asks Dave," She you're sister?". We thought this was gross and creepy. The odd thing was this happened a few times and I just have to wonder what the heck type of body language we were putting out there.

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Roses said...

Had you been married and shared the same last name, the question would have made sense.

I'm hoping that was the bouncer's idea of a joke (a rather weird one, yes), and he asked every couple that question as they walked in.

::cocks head to side and thinks about this one for a while drawing odd looks from co-workers::