Friday, May 15, 2009

Shhh Don't Tell Dave

This one's for my SIL (AB) She'll know why.

I dreamed we were living in a new house. We hadn't just moved in but it didn't feel like home yet either. Unfortunately it was haunted. Normally this would be kind of cool but this ghost wouldn't let me use the bathroom. Every time I tried to use the toilet it would turn on the taps and squirt me with watter and if I tried to shower it would open the shower curtain and throw toiletries at me. Also for some reason it was fascinated by Fiona. Finally I got pissed and clutched Fiona to me and screamed, "Stay the F*#k away from my baby!". Of coarse it was about now that I realised I was actually in a restaurant and had screamed at my friends. They apparently felt this was rude although I thought they should be more understanding. We all went our separate ways but I was still irritated until Robert Pattinson showed up and took me on a date. That cheered me up.


TK said...

Did you perhaps have chocolate to eat before going to bed?? Vivid dream and I can see the AB connection!!

Dani said...

I may have. I love that you got it!

Schelle said...

Speaking of dreams, I had one about you and your hubby. Apparently I was over for a visit/party or something. You guys were sleeping in your bed and I went to wake you up and apparently your cat/kitten had decided to hunt and stalk a piece of birthday cake (chocolate of course) and leave it for you as a gift. But it was left on Dave's face. I think there was some on the floor too. It was all very weird. Fiona thought it was hilarious tho.

What's really odd about this is I actually remember dreaming it 8 hours later

Dani said...

ROTFL! That made me laugh so hard there are tears rolling down my face. That's almost something that could really happen.