Friday, May 1, 2009

A Great Big Hug to Costco

About three years ago we bought a big ol' TV from Costco. About 9 months ago it broke. It was under warranty and apparently this was a problem being reported on hundreds of this model TV so they fixed it. It took about a month for the guy to get the part and install it and then it took us another week to get someone to help us put the TV back up on the wall because it's to heavy for Dave & I.

Thing were going along happily until about two weeks ago Dave and I were watching the TV after Fiona went to bed when POP the same part broke. We called Costco they said we needed to contact the manufacturer. They tried to say well it's a three year old TV. We said it's a lemon and you might want to curb the attitude as there's a lot of buzz on the Internet about a class action suit. They said they'd fix it. We thought about it and did a little research.

When we bought the TV Costco had a life time return policy. Many people abused this so they had to change their policy but since that was in effect at the time we should be covered. Dave called Costco customer service they were actually very nice and said that it would be up to the manager at the Costco in question but we should be able to return the TV.

The manager at Costco let us return it. The price has come down so we got a different TV for about half what we originally paid and now have an insane store credit at Costco (we no longer have the card we used to purchase it originally).

This story is not funny or even that interesting but I mention it because you hear lots of stories of companies really screwing their customers, or stories of rude/just plain bad customer service. This was great service and I think Costco deserves a little credit. Thank you Costco for using common sense and courtesy.

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leeann said...

It is really rare these days to hear anything good about a big store, so this was nice to know. :)