Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is Why We Have Dogs

1:30 Am

Front door knock knock knock

Sammy & Gambit: Woof woof bark snarl howl (translation, get the F**k away from our yard)

Me: Did someone just knock?

Dave: Yes. Get the phone.

I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 but didn't hit send while Dave went to the door with a weapon and looked out the peep hole. Who ever knocked was gone. Amazingly Fiona slept through everything. Dave called the cops. We knew it was probably just kids, but this knocking on the door in the middle of the night thing has been a recent home invasion technique in the city we live in (not our neighborhood thank goodness)

I knelt down facing the dogs put my left arm around Gambit and my right around Sammy.

Me: That was exactly the right thing to do guys. Normally I don't want you barking in the middle of the night but if someone is trying to get in you can scare them off. You're good dogs!

Of coarse that's not really why we have the dogs but scaring away potential bad guys is a plus.

By the way the cops told us that we were doing the right thing by calling them. We also found out this morning from a neighbor that there were some people in his yard last night too.

Again it was probably just kids but either way the dogs must have scared the pee out of em and I'm fine with that.

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TK said...

That is terrible that someone would do that. I am glad the dogs scared them away. I am glad no one tried to invade your home. GO DOGS.