Friday, March 20, 2009

Thing I Could Be Doing This Weekend If It Wasn't Raining

Yard work-Currently the only thing growing in my planters is a garden of cat poop. It's not even from my cat, not that that would be any better.

Taking Pictures for this blog-Really now don't you think a few pictures would spruce the place up. And how many pictures of the inside of my house does any one want to see?

Barbecuing-Okay it would actually be Dave doing this but I would enjoy eating the food and appreciate his manly cooking skills.

Sky diving-Would I actually do this? No of coarse not, I'm afraid of heights. But I could be doing it if the skies were clear.

Do a Rain Dance-Again would I do this? No, but there's not even a point in doing it if it is already raining.

Sidewalk chalk drawings- This is a tree, and this is a house, and this is a kitty....

Wash the Dogs-Stinky, stinky dogs! I can't do this when it's wet out because then their fur doesn't dry, especially Gambit. Then the house smells like wet dog. I tried blow drying them once, that was a bad plan.

People watching-This is much less interesting in your own home, It's hard to wildly speculate about people you already know really well.

Teach the cat to walk on a leash-Okay technically I could do this in doors but what's the point of doing something stupid if no one gets to see you do it. (Yeah I know some people really do walk their cat's but I know Vladi and he's not gonna want to do that)

Put on a one woman show on my front lawn-I have many wigs and costumes it'd be great.

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Rye said...

I laughed out loud at people watching in your own house…I have to agree, it's a lot less interesting.