Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Partial List of Songs That Have Meanings for Me

As you may or may not have picked up I love music and have eclectic taste. Today I thought I'd expand a bit on why I love some songs. Feel free to tell me some of your favorites and why in the comments.

Roxane-The Police = I have a very specific memory about singing this song with friends while stuck in a car on the Golden Gate bridge on our way to a Pantera Concert at the Warfield. For some reason this memory to me perfectly captured the good parts of being a teenager and what I loved about those friends, most of whom I've lost touch with.

It Hurts to Be in Love-Gene Pitney = This one my Mom, brother, and I used to sing in my Moms old truck. She had a tape (yep cassette) she made that had a bunch of great songs on it that we'd sing but when I hear this one I can actually smell that stupid truck.

Runaway-Del Shannon = This one was also on Mom's tape but my brother and I used to sing it together at home. We'd harmonize and originally he sang the high part and I sang the low but then he hit puberty and we had to switch.

I'm In Love With The Big Blue Frog-Peter, Paul, and Mary = I used to sing this to my friend Nugget in PE in High School. All my PE memories involve Nugget ; cutting class, tickling Ralph until he drooped the basketball, walking back and forth up the field during football to pretend we were participating. Nugget also used to sing Knocking the Boots to Me in Algebra in 8th grade but I never hear that one anymore.

Blood Sugar Sex Magic-The Red Hot Chili Peppers (whole album) = This album reminds me of going to Mexico with my oldest friend (who by the way was the driver during the Roxane moment). I've got lots of songs that make me think of her but this album more than anything else.

Rocky Raccoon-The Beatles = I've got 2 for this one. My Mom used to sing it to my brother in the bathtub when he was a baby and one of my friends used to ask me to sing it when we went camping. I joke that if I ever record an album (long shot I know) I'll dedicate it to him and my sister in law (AB) because they are the only people who ever ask me to sing.

These next 3 all remind me of Dave

The Way You Look Tonight-doesn't matter which recording = This was the song we used for our first dance at our wedding. Sure I picked it but it was still a landmark moment for me.

Lets Get It On-Marvin Gaye = This is actually our song. Not for any good reason it's just one of the only songs he'll get up and dance with me to if it comes on also at one point it was stuck in his head so he kept singing it and I found that amusing. For obvious reasons it wasn't appropriate to use as our first dance. Hence the above choice.

What Would Brian Boytano Do-South Park = Sorry I'm not telling this one. There's a great but completely embarrassing story as to why I blush every time I ever hear this.


Colleen said...

My In-Laws actually thought we had picked "Let's Get It On" for our wedding song...we used a cover by a local Pittsburgh band to play when we did the whole garter/bouquet thing but I can't believe they thought I'd want that as my 1st dance song (tells you what they think of me :)!

Roxanne-always reminds me of driving to high school with my best friend, Tom. We each had our own parts to sing...

Love Shack--B 52's. First time I got on the dancefloor with my dad...

Oh What A Night-The Four Seasons--always the last song of the night played at my favorite bar in college...
hmmm now you've started me reminiscing...

Michelle said...

Can't Help Falling In Love - Lick the Tins - most notable the ending song of Some Kind of Wonderful. Bouncy happy bubbly song and it has evolved into Dev and my song.

Which is going to get me to poke Dani for a new list. Movies she's going to make sure Fiona watchs at some point in her life. :)

Mine have been forced to watch the above movie, Breakfast Club, and Ferris Beuler's day off.

Dani said...

Ahhh good idea. Actually I've already started showing her some of my favorites. Oddly she wasn't that in to the Muppet Movie but Spiderman had her mesmerized.

Michelle said...

That's ok, you inspired me to find songs to put on myspace finally. so we're even. :)