Monday, March 16, 2009

More Nightmares

In order to understand why this was a nightmare you have to grasp that my last job was so terrible (at least for me) that I had recurring serious stomach problems, lost huge amounts of weight, and wound up on anxiety medication while I worked there. Also although I can't prove it I'm pretty sure it contributed to my miscarriage. This job was hell. I'm still getting over the damage it did to my psyche although my physical health problems are gone and I'm not on medication any more. It wasn't a bad company and for someone else that job may be great but it was very much the wrong one for me.

Last night I dreamed that I was back at my last job, working with the woman who was the reason I finally left. She kept asking me questions and giving me instructions but every time I tried to respond or do the job she'd interrupt to tell me I was wrong and give me a whole new set of instructions or questions. The whole time this was going on my Brother in Law was going through my purse (which he would never do) and pulling out embarrassing things I would never actually have in there and handing them to Barney from How I met you Mother who would then say witty but embarrassing things about them.

Needless to say I'm tired although strangely in a good mood. Perhaps I'm just relieved it turned out not to be real.


Ronin said...

Dreams can really mess with your mind. The worst one for me is where Donald Duck is refusing to let me have pizza.

This disturbs me to no end. =)

Dani said...


I shouldn't laugh. Dreams are so odd though.

Ronin said...

Especially when you're, in said dream, convinced that eating the pizza will grant you the super powers to save not only the day, but most of next week as well.

Dreams are strange.

Richard said...

Maybe you're just too tired in the day to have that kind of dream at night...

by the way, I love your blog layout.. :) and also keep writing!

Dani said...

Thank you.

It's funny you should mention the lay out. I was thinking of changing it but mostly just because I was bored not out of any dislike for the current one.