Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Productive Weekend

Yesterday Dave took Fiona out for the day and I stayed home and cleaned. I cleaned the front bathroom, Fiona's room, washed both dogs, and swept the hall and living room. I also started the weekends laundry.

It looks to me like Dave and Fiona had more fun at the Palace of Fine Arts than I did cleaning.

Weird story, some Japanese tourists asked if they could take pictures of Fiona. Dave didn't think it could cause any harm and so he said it was okay and they were really pleased. I just keep wondering what they are going to say about those pics when they show people their vacation photos. Of coarse the same thing used to happen to me back when I used to take classes in the city when I was a teenager. I think it might have to do with being blond....or Fiona and I are just awesomely pretty.

Today I cleaned our bathroom which is always disgusting. It's a little tiny bathroom and doesn't have a fan so mildew just runs rampant. Rite now I'm getting a little high from the cleaning fumes. I better go open a window.


TK said...

You and Fiona are awesomely pretty. After some sleepless hours last night I finally came up with a caption for that first picture. I think the caption should read "Look what I made!"

TK said...

My mother had her last stroke in 1994. I have been cleaning up junk mail at Mom and Dad's house dating back to 1995!! Then I come home to my house with a big motivation to get organized. I am trying spend 15 minutes a day on clutter. There is not end to it.

Amy Baldwin said...

Yeah Dani, you stayed home cleaning? You got the short end of that stick!! LOL. But what beautiful pictures of Fiona. David told me all the asian tourists wanted pictures of her too!!