Friday, February 13, 2009

Dating Tip

The combination of Friday the 13th and Valentines day seemed like a really good time to tell this story. Now everyone that I know of who reads this blog is married but they can pass this on to their single friends or maybe there are single readers I don't know personally (if so hi!).

When I was in high school I volunteered to be the fortune teller at a charity event. I am not claiming to be psychic as a matter of fact you'd probably do better to never make life decisions based on anything I say but it was for charity and all in good fun. I already knew how to read Tarot cards (at least sort of) and the crystal ball is easy you just make stuff up but I didn't know anything about reading palms. So I read a book about it and it was quite interesting there's a lot more to it than just this line is this and this line is that. I had all kinds of fun and we made some money for our cause and I didn't think about it again until.....

I eventually discovered that if you say, " I can read palms" the immediate reaction of most people is to stick out their hand.....Hmmmmmm as a teenage girl how can I make this opportunity to hold hands work to my advantage? Oh that's rite tell cute boys! It was the perfect excuse to sit next to a guy you liked and hold his hand so he had to stay there and talk with you. Strangely many of the boys I met had the same fortune, "you will begin a new romance with a cute blond". I kept doing this for years until I was in my 20's although now that I think about it I never tried this on Dave (ironic as he really did start a new romance with the cute blond I kept trying to foist on people).

These days I have no real use for this skill. I suppose some day I'll pass it on to Fiona along with how to tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue, which I did use on Dave to great effect (I'll leave that part out when I tell Fiona. She will NOT want to know that).

Happy V-day the 13th!

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