Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vampirepalooza Day 2

#4 on my list of favorite Vampire movies is possibly the first one ever made (certainly the earliest on my list). Nosferatu is a silent movie that was based on Dracula but all the character names were changed. However Bram Stokers widow saw it and was all, "Oh Heeeeelll no!". Just kidding she probably said something more like, "Oh bother. I am rather upset by this turn of events." Anyway she sued and won because it's clearly the same story. Unfortunately when you watch the movie now they changed all the names to those of the characters in Dracula which annoys me just because it's not the original. It's hard to find a copy that hasn't been tampered with.
Sadly these still just make Max Shreck (the actor) look kinda goofy but in motion he is extremely creepy.
When they made a movie of Stephen Kings vampire novel Salem's Lot they tried to make the main vampire look like this rather than as he was described in the novel (ya know suave, urbane, traditional vampire stuff) sadly they also made him blue for some reason and the entire effect was comical. It's a craptastic movie but I do recommend the book.

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