Friday, November 21, 2008

Interspecies Love

As I mentioned here Fiona's new thing is kissing on the lips. It's awfully cute when I say, "Can I have a kiss" and she considers for a moment and then smiles and kisses me. And as I've mentioned here and here the cat LOVES Fiona. What I may not have made clear is the feeling is mutual. She's said Kitty twice only when she says it it's more like key-tah, and if you say kitty she starts looking for him. Last night I was on the floor with Fiona and Vladi wandered over asking for attention so I picked him up and cuddled him and gave him kisses like I usually do and Fiona wanted to participate. I told her,"It's okay, you can give the kitty a kiss too". Rather than kissing him on the top of the head like I usually do she leaned around and tried to kiss him on the mouth but his whiskers deterred her. Fiona was disappointed and Vladi was horrified. I was extremely amused.