Monday, October 20, 2008

Best Pumpkin Patch Ever

Okay this is gonna be a 2 part post because it wouldn't let me put all the awesome pics we took in one. We took Fiona to a pumpkin patch in Vacaville. Dave & I agreed this was the best pumpkin patch either of us had ever seen. & now I feel like a complete jerk because I don't remember the name but we might go back next weekend because we filled the CF card and didn't get to take all the pics we wanted.
She would not smile at the camera but she was interested in eating the straw.
There were a whole bunch of creative scarecrows around. I like this guy he was just chillin'.
I'm just kinda proud of this picture. Actually I took most of these. Generally Dave's the better photographer.
Well obviously I didn't take this one. Please forgive the ugly tank top showing I guess it's better than my gut peeking out.

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