Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Call Rod Serling

Today we drove my car to work because Dave's brakes are making a scary noise and clearly need to be checked. We both have Saturn Ion's so it really doesn't make a big difference who's car we take. Dave was driving because he doesn't really fit in the passenger seat with the car seat behind it. We went out to lunch and when we returned to the car he realized he didn't have the keys. I glanced in my purse just to make sure he hadn't handed them to me but they weren't there. We figured they must have fallen out of his pocket in the restaurant so we went back and asked if they'd been turned in but they hadn't. We retraced out steps, checked to make sure we didn't somehow lock them in the car, and went to the security office to find out if they'd been turned in there but no keys. We were starting to freak out because the spare keys are at our house over an hour away and we need to pick up Fiona at my Mom's house tonight which is in a completely different direction and the car seat was locked in the car we couldn't get in to. We were just starting to hit panic mode because there really wasn't any clear solution when out of desperation I started digging in my purse again and heard a tell tale jingle. WTF?! Neither of us remember him handing me the keys. Somehow they magically moved from his pocket to my purse. I wish that would happen with money.

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