Monday, August 18, 2008

Let The Hate Mail Begin

I wish people would stop asking me if I've been watching the Olympics. I'm about to take a very unpopular stance here but, I HATE THE OLYMPICS AND I ALWAYS HAVE! I'm not interested in sports. I don't care if other people want to spend their spare time watching or playing whatever game they like, that's cool. I just have other interests (of coarse I read so I'm a minority there) and I lucked out in finding one of the few men on the planet that feels the same way I do. The Olympics however piss me off and here's a list detailing why.

#1. They preempt shows I want to watch.

#2. When I was in school we ALWAYS got an assignment which forced us to watch an event and write about it. Simple rule; if it's homework it's boring.

#3. No one has any other topics to discuss.

#4. Being the best at Synchronized swimming or Pole Vaulting does not define a country. Come on if you honestly feel that the most important people in your country are the same ones wearing leotards you need to review your priorities.

#5. These aren't even cool sports. If the Olympics didn't exist you wouldn't even be able to name a famous gymnast or ice skater.

End rant.

1 comment:

Chris said...

No seriously why do you hate the olympics? I mean come on, I just don't get why you hate it..LOL!! I was reading it and I just about died laughing. It was fun to read!! See I did check out your blog cause I like to read other people's thoughts.. So awesome job so far..