Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Know It's A Little Early But....

Why can't I find any Christmas cards that I like on line? I haven't sent out cards in years but now that we've got Fiona I thought I should send cards and pics at least to family. I am not a fan of the photo card and I can't send out anything that says gushy crap like "hoping the spirit of peace and joy are with you this holiday season". I'm all for peace and joy but I don't talk like that. I'm more likely to say "Gee I hope your Christmas doesn't suck". And no Thomas Kinkaid type pictures on the front either. Excuse me for a moment (holds hand over mouth while closing eyes and waiting for the nausea to subside). I just want something that isn't sticky sweet and insincere. I found some by Edward Gorey that I liked but they are no longer available.

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