Friday, July 25, 2008

Strange But True

When I was in college I took a radio station class which was a lot of fun. At one point my teacher asked some of the students, myself included, to record a script he gave us. It was just a list of statements most of which were totally innocuous like, "I enjoy listening to music" although I recall that, "I like Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol" seemed hilarious to me for some reason. The reason he'd asked specific students to do this was we had voices that were stereotypical of certain groups; black, white, male, female, etc. They spliced the recordings together and used them as part of the battery of psychological testing applicants needed to pass in order to get jobs as police or firefighters in Sonoma county. I never found out exactly how the recording was used in the testing process but I still find it funny that somehow my voice was supposed to help measure someones sanity. Clearly they don't know me very well.

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jaime said...

i can't imagine what they would do either- and your voice is floating around on a recording somewhere! lol!

i see you are pretty new here, thanks for stoppin by my place- i saw we have an anniversary in common! so what do i get for ten years? am i up to diamonds yet? lol!

i left a few comments here and there--- i'm not stalkin ya!lol! just wanted to welcome you...have a good weekend!