Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Picky Eaters

I'm an extremely picky eater. Partly because some things just don't agree with me and partly because a lot of things are just pain nasty (tomatoes yick!). I fully expect Fiona to have her own opinions on what's good and Dave and I already have a strategy for dealing with it.

My Dad, my Brother and I all had very specific likes and dislikes and just to make it more fun food allergies. My Mom was strangely optimistic when it came to trying new recipes. I remember her making and thinking she was going to get us to eat bouillabaisse when I was about 8. She also had this one really foul recipes she made several times the main ingredients of which were tomato sauce and caned Mandarin oranges (tasted like vomit).

I know Fiona's going to refuse to eat some things which seem perfectly normal to me like Watermelon, mashed potatoes, or hot dogs. No wait that's my Dad, he's a freak.

Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

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