Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just One More of the Many Reasons I Love My Husband

This morning while we were eating breakfast Dave looked over at me and said suddenly "Fiona has your eyes!" in this strange almost romantic voice. I looked up startled to find him looking a little embarrassed, "not the color" he clarified, "the shape. When you're looking forward like that you look just like her".

Everyone including me thinks she looks just like Dave. There are moments when he does something and it's uncanny how much he and Fiona look a like. It always hits me with this almost overwhelming rush of emotion. I think Dave got a little bit of that this morning.

I didn't expect Fiona to be my twin or anything but I have been a little disappointed that we don't even look like were related. It makes my day whenever someone says they see me in her. I'm pretty sure Dave's aware of that and that's why we had that sweet slightly embarrassed moment over breakfast at IKEA.

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