Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100% True Story About the Love of My Life

That last post was not happy. What you didn't pick up on the overwhelming despair? What are you taking and can I have some too? Any way here's a picture of a happy baby.


And the story of the day I bought my Jeep.

I used to drive a Kia Sephia. It was the first model year and a giant pile of shit. It ran well enough but everything else that could break on it did. The glove compartment broke, the gas cap broke, and the trim peeled off. I bought it new and only owned it for 5 years and pretty much only drove around the town I lived in but by the time I got rid of it it looked like it was ready for the junk yard. When the time came to buy a new car I was so excited I could have peed myself.

I had wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee since before I was old enough to drive. I had my heart set on getting one but I'd never really bought a car by my self before (my Dad helped me get the Kia) so Dave proved that he was a wonderful guy and I should really consider marrying him by coming along, he talked me out of buying one that had a bad rear end (he he he), he convinced me to walk away from one I really liked but could not afford the "deal" they were trying to give me, and he did all the negotiating for the one I finally did buy. It was awe inspiring watching him stand firm saying "she really can't afford more than ____ and if you can't do that we're going to have to go somewhere else". They tried to sway him with counter offers, they tried to appeal to me but I knew better, they tried insisting they weren't making a single cent on the deal but Dave stood firm and eventually the salesman caved and sold me the car of my dreams at a price I could actually afford.

They had declined to take the Kia as a trade in (shocking I know) so Dave was going to drive it home for me while I was going to drive my shinny used (but new to me) Jeep. It was raining so the salesman sat in the passenger side of the car showing me the features, "this is the turn signal, and these are the wipers, and..." and I was thinking I could have probably figured that all out myself and then he started chatting and asking what kind of music I liked. I was so giddy with my new possession that I happily answered with out picking up on the weirdness as he told me about his band that played Prince cover tunes (I'm not making that up) finally he gave me his card which I put in the pocket of my jacket, and tells me to call if I have any questions. I did wonder what kind of questions he thought I might have but figured it was just part of the spiel.

The next day Dave and I drove the Jeep over to our friends house to show off my new possession. As Dave was telling our (male) friend the story of how the salesman had really tried to rip me off I happened to reach in to my jacket pocket. My hand met something and I pulled it out wondering what it was. It was the guy's card and I finally looked at it and started laughing. Dave and our friend both looked at me confused so I handed over the card after looking at it for a minuted they both started laughing too. It was his home phone number! After spending hours trying to screw me over while I was valiantly defended by my boyfriend the asshole had the audacity to hit on me.

Anyway I loved that Jeep. I had it for 6 years and finally had to get something newer because it just had so many miles on it I couldn't afford the upkeep. I sold it to a nice couple who I think were from Australia and bought a Saturn Ion which is only a little nicer than the Kia. I miss my Jeep.


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