Monday, June 9, 2008

Job well done TSA

On our way home from a cruise the TSA agent who was shepherding us through security said that my ticket had been randomly flagged for additional screening and herded me in to a separate screening area. There were other passengers also receiving additional screening so I had to wait in line. While standing there the tall gentleman in front of me turned around and smiled in commiseration and I could see by his collar that he was a priest. I could also now see around him to the 5 foot tall 90 pound 700 year old man they were currently searching. It occurred to me that they couldn't possibly find 3 less threatening people.

The search process was oddly amusing. The underwire in my bra set off the metal detecting wand so a female TSA agent had to be called over to manually confirm that it was indeed a bra and my boobs were not actually explosives.

The next step was to have my carry on items hand searched. I stood mutely as my personal items were handled by a stranger. When he found the miniature sombrero he looked at me in question "It's for my cat." I explained.

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