Monday, May 19, 2008


It was a busy weekend but nice. Saturday I had to deal with some fraud on an old bank account and Dave was talking to Costco customer service because the TV we bought there stopped working. Finally around noon we were able to head up to Dave's brothers house to go swimming. Fiona wasn't quite ready to go in the pool but had fun being held by everyone. She also said dada for the first time unfortunately Dave was picking up lunch so he missed it. I also observed some behavior that I think means good news but I won't say what just yet as it's not my secret to tell. Sunday Fiona fell asleep by herself and took a couple really good naps (naps have been a problem for her)and we went to the grocery store and babies r us and were generally really productive. Next weekend I'm hoping to clean up the house in preparation for the party we've decided to throw. Yay!

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