Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fashion Police

Why is it that bike riders feel the need to get in to full regalia? I mean I get you don't want wear anything that gets caught in the chain or spokes but you're not in a race, you don't need to be wind resistant. I'm going to stand up and just say what everyone is thinking "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR ASS IN NEON SPANDEX!" Yeah I know you think your in good shape "'cause you ride a bike" but #1 you probably aren't #2 even if you are NO ONE LOOKS GOOD IN SPANDEX! It's practically indecent exposure! Your balls are not pretty!

And this strange behavior also applies to other "bike riders". I'm looking at you middle aged balding man who bought a Harley. Sure motorcycles are cool (they scare the pee outta me but I understand the appeal) and Harley's are the coolest but your a dentist not a biker. Yes I understand the leather is supposed to afford some protection but you bought the leathers with the Harley emblem all over 'em. True it's not as unattractive as spandex but lets face it a lot (if not most) of the people you see in these ensembles are just.....well lets just say your pretty fly for a white (middle aged balding) guy.

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