Thursday, October 8, 2015

They're heeeeereeee.-Poltergeist

Ya know how when something odd happens in the house you say that it must be "Because our house was built on an ancient Indian burrial ground"?

Or maybe thats just those of us who grew up when Poltergeist was current...

Or it could just be Dave and I. co-worker who lives around the corner from us asked if I saw the news last night. I hadn't. Turns out they found two Native American skeletons in the next phase of construction for our development....right behind my house.

I can probably see the spot from my bedroom window. Unless it's to far to the left in which case I'll have to look out the bathroom window, which I never do because it's a bathroom window.

As far as I know the only body in our yard is Vladi and he isn't archiologically significant.

This is kinda cool. Its also kinda creepy.

I guess we won't worry about it unless Daphne starts talking to the TV.

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