Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sammy is the last man standing

Years ago when we got Gambit, Sammy, and Vladi all within a year I realised this was potentially a very bad plan. Having three pets roughly the same age meant we we're probably going to loose them all around the same time.

When Gambit died a few months ago I looked at the how the other two we're doing and thought they'd be fine for a few more years.

The morning Daphne was born Vladi was suddenly doing so badly I was affraid he would die before I got out of the hospital. He proved me wrong but wasn't really well again. I knew I should take him to the vet but 1. I was dealing with a newborn and 2. I'd seen this behavior before and was affraid they'd tell us it was time to put him down.

A few days ago I realised his under coat was growing in completely white. A couple days latter when the movers came he ran off and never came back. We left him food and he didn't eat it. We tried repeatedly to find him but it's been long enough now I have to admit he's gone. I hope he adopted another family but I know it's more likely he went someware to die.

So now there's just Sammy. Other than being old she seems fine.

I miss my cat and I worry about that stupid dog.

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