Monday, September 30, 2013

A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg.-Samuel Butler

Fiona is interested in all things baby and pregnancy related. A couple of her previous teachers have had babies and now of coarse there's me. Naturally she asks a lot of questions. I'm not ready for the full on birds and bees talk but I answered her questions as best I could using simple terms. She has latched on to one fact in specific, girls are born with all their eggs. She inserts this fact randomly in to conversations where it is not really necessary. Here are a few examples.

Fiona: When you married Daddy did you look like a princess?

Me: Well I wouldn't have described it that way but sure, yeah.

Fiona: And I was an egg in your belly?

Me:.......Um yeah. I guess so.


Me: When I was a little girl my Mommy and Daddy brought me here and I loved it.

Fiona: And I was an egg in your belly?

Me: .....Uhhhh yeah.

or my personal favorite

Me: But that was a long time ago before I was even born.

Fiona: And you we're in your Mom's belly.

Me: Yep.

Fiona: And I was an egg in your belly?

Me: (startled) Well yeah, I guess technically yes you were. (turns to Dave) That's a freaky thought.

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Michelle said...

She is going to be either a scientist or an anthropologist. she has a way of deducing things without all the information!