Monday, February 6, 2012

As a piece of a pomegranate are thy temples within thy locks.-The Bible *

Imagined conversation at Lowes headquarters when they we're planing the one near our house.

Boardroom guy #1: Okay now for the most important decision we have to make today. What kind of plants should we put in the parking lot?

Boardroom guy #2: How about some sort of ice plant?

Boardroom Guy #1: No that's been done.

Boardroom guy #2: Daises or Rosemary?

Boardroom guy #1: No no no. You see those everywhere. I want this parking lot to be something people talk about. I want them to remember this parking lot.

Silence while they all contemplate the weirdest thing they could possibly suggest for a parking lot.

Boardroom guy #3: (Hesitantly) Pomegranates?

Boardroom guy #1: YES! That's it, Pomegranates! It's brilliant. Why can't you have ideas like that boardroom guy #2? Daises Pfft!

Okay weird little side note here. Every single quote I found about Pomegranates was from the Bible. Apparently a popular fruit in biblical times as well as a trendy one now. 

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Roses said...

I found this pomegranate quote on a POM label:

"Ingredients: 100% pomegranate juice from concentrate"

So... there's that.