Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.-Cameron Diaz

The house I grew up in was out in the boonies. You had to drive past cow pastures and farm land turn off the country road equivalent of a main drag go over a hill and suddenly you were confronted with a badly planned housing development spread out below you in a little valley next to a lagoon. I used to call it the F***ing Forgotten Valley. It was not fun when I was too young to drive to be miles and miles from the rest of the town.
Now out in the boonies with nothing surrounding you animals feel free to wander all over the place. It was not uncommon to see a deer wandering down the middle of the street and our poor dog permanently smelled like skunk spray. And the frogs, well I kinda liked them. We would be sitting in my parents spa when suddenly a frog would jump in and start swimming laps, acting all, "Hey what's up? Don't mind me."
One evening I was in my room laying in the dark watching tv when SPLAT. A frog plastered itself to my tv screen. Scared the bejesus outta me too. I couldn't figure out how it managed to get in to my second story room but there it was none the less. I decided to catch the froggy and return him to his native habitat (AKA not my room) but the frog didn't really like this idea and started hoping around trying to avoid me. Eventually he hoped behind the tv but immediately hoped back out wearing a dust bunny like a fur coat. This was too much for us both. The frog stood meekly while I picked him up and gently removed the dust bunny, and I giggled uncontrollably at the image. I let him go outside but still giggle every time I remember that poor frog wearing the dust bunny.

Note: If you read this post in it's originally published form, sorry 'bout that. I lost half of my original post but then it turned back up tacked on to the end and made no sense at all so I deleted it. Not sure what happened, gonna go with Blogger kinda sucks.

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shansenn9603q said...

Nice story! But let me tell you, I live in the boonies. It's miles from all civilization and there's no public pool. It wouldn't be a surprise if you banged up your car from hitting a deer, and bears and deer and birds are very frequent visitors to the back yard. Although, every night, the frogs and crickets and peepers in the swamp serenade me to sleep, which is always nice...