Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When theres no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth.-Deny Everything

Dave was playing his zombie game

Dave: Argh these guys move fast. How many times do I have to shoot em?

Me: Go for the head shot.

Dave: I keep running out of amo. How 'bout...argh I'm dead again. Okay try this again. Hey head shot you were right.

Me: You always have to shoot Zombies in the head. Doesn't everyone know that?

Aaaaaaaaand I'm just going to publish this because I'm proud of my geek knowledge.


Roses said...

Everyone knows you go for the head shot with zombies.

I thought it was enough to remove the head from the body, but the males in my house scoffed and informed me that the brain needs to be crushed as well.

Dani said...

Well now I would have thought the same but I will deffer to their greater knowledge.

Now we know and knowing if half the battle (sorry couldn't resist)

Amy Baldwin said...

What game is he playing exactly because a while back my husband was zombie slaying in our home as well.. My personal fave quote before his character met his maker "where the hell did that one come from, I didn't even see him?"