Friday, January 28, 2011

Life shouldn't be printed on dollar bills.-Clifford Odets

Disclaimer: I don't think I've told this story before. I couldn't find it when I searched the archive. Any way if I have sorry and at least this one will probably be better written (I cringe when I read some of the older stuff, not that this is all that good that stuff is just terrible).

Alright here it comes, I'm about to admit to doing something illegal....when I was seven.

When I was young (seven I think) I had the brilliant idea to sign my name on every dollar I got. That way I'd know if the same dollar came back to me. After a couple months of doing this I got bored because they never came back to me. Years latter I found out it was illegal to deface US currency and was very worried "they" were going to come arrest me but it hasn't happened yet.

My first job after I got out of high school was in a frozen yogurt shop. I was eighteen or nineteen the day someone paid with one of my dollars. Seriously one of the dollars I'd signed as a little girl was handed to me to pay for a gelatinous cup of indescribable grossness (I wasn't a fan of fro-yo even BEFORE I worked there). The poor customer who handed it to me probably thought I was having a stroke or an aneurysm or maybe just that I was an idiot because I just stood there with a dopey grin on my face for several minutes before finishing the transaction.

I found out when I worked at the bank how surprising it was that my dollar had survived that long. Dollars get worn out and returned to the federal reserve for destruction faster than other denominations. So it was just one of those wonderful little surprises life throws at you sometimes.


LeeAnn said...

That is one of the best and coolest bits of coincidence I've ever heard of. I hope you got to keep the dollar afterward, just to remind you of the whole thing.
Also, that would have been a good day to play the lottery, I bet, knowing how the good-karma circle was spinning your way and all.

Roses said...

Yeah, did you keep it?
Do you still have it?

Dani said...

I wish I did but I didn't have a dollar to replace it with. Although the owners were pretty cool if I'd had any sence I'd have told them the story and asked if they would hold on to it untill I got one but I was still young and stupid.