Tuesday, January 11, 2011

But I don't sit down at dinner and have clever ideas.-Mark Rylance

Blatantly stealing an idea from a friend and sharing it with the world!

I have a friend ,or used to have a friend since I only really see little snippets of her life on Face book now and that's not the same as actually being a friend, named Duckie. Okay that's not her real name but it is what I've called her since I was twelve.

Duckie is a creative genius. Says me any way. She used to draw little bizarre comic books for me and wrote/illustrated the most hilarious notes. Her family does a Haunted House every year for Halloween that is famous in my home town (side note: They charge to get in but it all goes to a local charity).

We lost touch like you do after high school but reconnected via Face book like you also do. At first I was a little shocked to discover that she's now a mortician but after I had a moment to adjust I thought, "Yeah I can see that."

Duckie has created an awesome tradition with her family, which is the actual point of this post. Every Sunday they have a "theme dinner." She lets the kids pick a theme early in the week and then through out the week they do projects like making decorations or costumes they will use on Sunday. When Sunday comes they get all dressed up put up the decorations and make a dinner with food based on the theme.

A few of the themes they've had are:
Mexico/Cinco de Mayo

It only occurred to me this morning (when I saw a picture of her kids in chef hats and fake mustaches) that I wanted to tell you all about it or I would have asked her if I could steal some of her pictures.

I think when Fiona is a little bigger I'm going to steal this idea. What a great way to get the kids involved and encourage family dinners.


LeeAnn said...

I would love to do that but I don't think I can get either H or Monkey to dress up. Which is disappointing, because no one looks better in a fake mustache than I do.

Dani said...

You just gave me a wonderful and evil idea. Santa gave Dave a pack of fake mustaches for Christmas and I bet I can corner Vladi. If I am sucessfull and can snap the pic fast enough I will post the results.

TK said...

Wow, how creative. What great memories those kids will have.