Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy.-Milan Kundera

Wanna have a who's the laziest contest?

I'm so lazy I add movies I have on DVD to my Netflix instant queue so I don't have to get up and walk to the DVD player.

Did I win?


shansenn9603q said...

Yes....I think you did. But being lazy is understandable, so don't worry. I'm so lazy, I'm trying to train my dog to go outside and pick up the's not going over too well, given the paper is the size of the dog..

Dani said...

Yay! Startes to cue up We Are The Champions then decided that's to much work.

harboringnotion said...

I do the same thing.

The other day (*and I am embarassed to admit this) instead up getting up and walking 5 meters to the clock,I googled what time it was.

fail on my part.

Dani said...

Lol that makes me feel better and I must admit I check the time on my computer all the time.