Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love fantasy. I love horror. I love musicals. Whatever doesn't really happen in life is what I'm interested in.-Joss Whedon

The first and most likely last time I ever sang the lead in a musical (sort of)

My second grade teacher was also a part time actress (she also taught the after school Drama program, guess who was a member?). Because she was so fond of acting we did a lot of plays in class and often groups of students would make up their own plays to perform for the class. Most of these were probably pretty awful but my friend Sarah decided to do something more ambitious than had ever been tried before in our class.

Sarah wanted to put on a production of Annie. Our friend Melanie was cast in the lead which would have been fine but she couldn't sing. So because we were seven and logic was not our strong suit rather than recast the part Sarah came up with a creative solution. I knew all the songs and actually could sing the part so she had me stand backstage and sing while Melanie lip sank. And yes we really did wind up performing it that way and my teacher was both impressed and confused.

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