Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter-In the End, Linkin Park

Wacky Dream

So I walked in to my room which in this case was a dorm room (complete with room mate) to find one of my favorite bands practicing to perform for my nephew's first birthday. Dave was helping them do all the technical stuff to set up and the lead singer was jumping up and down on my bed. I decided that this was not a good moment to point out to Dave that I have a giant crush on said singer (in my bed sigh). Dave hands me a fancy schmancy white microphone and asks me to bring it to the stage. I know, like you do in dreams, that they could not perform without this particular mic. So I tried to head to the stage but well that's when it turned in to a frustration dream where I couldn't find the stage and then I found the wrong band (my nephew was having quite the rock n roll first birthday) and then I found the stage, which was on the deck at the house I grew up in in Oakland (why didn't I just look there to begin with?) but the band wasn't there yet and I was starting to feel like a total tool carrying this stupid mic like the Olympic torch and then.....the alarm went off.


TK said...

Darn alarm. Do you have a one year old nephew?

Dani said...

No but considering the rest of the weirdness I was willing to overlook that part.