Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart.-Caryn Leschen

A list of things I DON'T want for my birthday

To have a star named after me

Any kind of shirt with an animal printed on it

The soundtrack (or anything else) to Love Never Dies (the sequel to Phantom)*


To acknowledge in any way that I'm now 35

*Sadly I would put money on my Mom buying this for me if she ever hears of it's existence.

**Just kidding that would be awesome


Roses said...

Happy(?) Birthday!

I was 35 a couple times.
It's not so bad.

TK said...

Happy Birthday to my most creative daughter in law!! Love from your MIL

TK said...

I googled lederhosen and still do not understand what it is.

Dani said...

Lol Lederhosen are those little leather suspencder shorts they wear in Ricola commercials (and Germany). I just think it would be funny to have some.

Roses said...

I think you should continue your list so you have 35 things you don't want.

(You're welcome. I'm here to help.)

Amy Baldwin said...

no denim shirt this year??

Dani said...

Lol! I can't believe you remembered that. Actually I don't know, I'm told my gift is on it's way we shall see if it's as horrible as the grandma gardening shirt of my 27th.

And Roses I totaly would have but I actually had a hard time coming up with five. I like getting things to much. Though as Amy reminds me I could add denim shirt with apliques cut out from random fabric. I have considered writing a list of the worst gifts I've ever gotten but there is a possibility that someone would be hurt by that. Mom already knows I hated that shirt. I'm not very gracefull at accepting bad gifts.

Roses said...

Ah! Here it is!

I thought there was some reference to lederhosen around here somewhere...

Dani said...