Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maturity Is Over Rated

So ya know what I did this weekend? Watched Christmas specials. I haven't had a good excuse for years.

Actually I watched them all two years ago because I was 37 weeks pregnant and didn't want to do anything that involved leaving the house or putting on pants. Of coarse I wound up putting on pants and leaving the house to take Dave to the emergency room but that's a whole other story.


Nikia, May and da kids said...

You are so witty. Mind if I follow? I often try to find reasons not to put on pants either, even if I am done having babies + )

I am a Los Angeles native now living in Minnesnowda. Weird I know, but what's weirder is when people stare at you in the grocery store because you're wearing long johns under your shorts and wear Crocs with socks in -4 weather. So shoot me. Some habits from Southern Cali are hard to break.

check us out sometime

Dani said...

But of coarse! The more the merrier.

Amy Baldwin said...

hmm coming from your sister in law who is 35 weeks preggers.. I don't have a problem wearing pants cause I get cold but I walk around the house like Al Bundy with my shirt pulled up rubbing my belly.. and if I am laying on the couch same thing shirt up rubbing belly!!