Sunday, October 18, 2009

I HEART New Orleans

I love New Orleans. We've been (quick mental math) five or six times. There's awesome food, amazing music, breath taking architecture, and fascinating history. But really it's a great place to party down. New Orleans has been the site of some of my best drinking stories, including one where I think I broke a guys nose (FYI not a good idea to grab random women walking by and attempt to kiss them). So being there with our not quite two year old daughter was....weird. We were walking down Bourbon street past strip clubs and sex shops on our way to dinner and I thought, "Yeah, this is not the best route". The weird thing about the French Quarter is just a block from the bars and adult entertainment mentioned above is antique shops, jewelry stores, art galleries, and upscale clothing boutiques. We went back along that route. Her first beignet at Cafe Du Monde

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

We have a painting she loves of this same corner in our living room. That building behind her is for sale. It used to be a restaurant we ate at one time but it wasn't very good. It was also in a Buick commercial with Tiger Woods. Yeah I know that's not interesting, we've discussed my nerdyness before.

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