Monday, October 12, 2009


Do you ever look at real estate listings just for the fun of it? Recently for no particular reason I've been looking at mansions in various parts of the country and making my list of houses I would buy if I won the lottery. What you don't have a list? You know one here (CA), one by Dave's family (AL), maybe one in Hawaii or New Orleans (or both). One of my criteria for my next house (mansion or not) is I want an area I can use as a library. What I'm finding interesting is a lot if not most of the mansions actually have a library with built in bookshelves. Apparently rich people as a group are big readers who knew.

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Schelle said...

Dev and I are looking at houses too. Same thing. I want something I can use as a library. So many books in my house. trouble with mansions...there's alot of house to clean. and how many rooms can you really use? I saw a house yesterday that just kept going and going. you almost needed a snack for the hike to the back corners.