Friday, August 7, 2009

Where Did She Learn This Language?

Alright I know she got "action" from The Wiggles, the fake sneeze is from The Imagination Movers, and she can sing the Calliou theme song. The S word (Aren't we proud?Actually a little because she used it in context.) well she must have gotten that from Dave because I am always lady like and never use such language::Nose grows alarmingly::

Here's the one I don't get. Twice while I was getting dressed Fiona has pointed at the appropriate body part and said, "Boob".


Roses said...

Twice? That's okay.
I'd have been alarmed if she used "boob" correctly three times, to be honest.

Dani said...

Good point I'd probably be a little alarmed too now that I think about it.

TK said...

I cannot wait to see Fiona and hear her little voice.

When Tricia was a toddler I remember taking her somewhere that had a lot of flags. She pointed at the flags and proclaimed in a loud voice what sounded like the F word, over and over again.

Dani said...

Lol! That makes me feel better about Fiona's new word. We're trying to ignore it so she'll get bored and stop.