Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unsurprising Confession

I'm a picky eater. People who know me are are saying, "No s*#t Sherlock" right now. I mean I am really really picky. I could try to give you a list of the things I won't eat but it would be faster to give you a list of things I will eat. That would still be kinda boring (carrots, chicken, bananas. etc.) Soooooo.

My top 5 FAVORITE foods. (If I like em ya know they're pretty good)

Caprese Salad (only I don't eat the tomatoes, they're on the other list)

Sizzling Rice Soup

Chicken Florentine

Smashed Yams with brown sugar, vanilla, and butter

Chocolate Mousse (Again my friends are saying, "Well duh!")

Strangely (and this was unintentional) that would make a pretty good multi cultural four course meal.

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