Saturday, June 20, 2009

La Traviata

Conversation with coworker when she saw my dress hanging up in my cube on Friday,

CW: Are you going somewhere tonight?

Me: No, I dress up every night after you guys leave.

CW: (looks at dress) It's a bit formal for a casual Friday

Me: Touche

We had a nice time. Dinner was great. I did have a glass of wine but I didn't throw anything at the stage and I didn't yell out Freebird. I yelled, "Duo Che soave zeffiretto" instead which I guess was still a faux pas.*

Unfortunately we were a few minutes late getting to the opera so we missed the very beginning but it's not like we knew what they were saying any way. They did have subtitles but I suspect they paraphrased because it sure took them a long time to say, "I am so distraught" or,"You are the light of my world". We both agreed the singing was beautiful but the acting was meh. We were confused by the dancing, either they were supposed to be really bad in which case they did a great job, or they were actually terrible which seemed weird considering it's a fairly prestigious Opera company. We were also both surprised that we only recognised one little bit of the music. Not that either of us is much of an expert on opera but you do hear it in movies or commercials sometimes.

Over all we enjoyed the evening but I don't think either of us is going to turn in to a regular opera goer. On the other hand we both like going to the theatre so maybe we'll make going out something we do more often.

*Duo Che soave zeffiretto is from Les noces de Figaro (the marriage of Figaro) which is Mozart and La Traviata is Verdi . I know this was a terrible joke but it seemed like a good idea at the time and I'd spent so much time googaling I thought I'd better use it.

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