Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some Art For My Kitchen

About a year ago I started the process of painting my kitchen. So far I did a fairly bad job on the cabinets and they still look better than they did when I started. I really am going to get the walls done this summer...really I am honest.

So assuming I didn't just lie to the whole Internet I will eventually need something to hang on the walls. I saw some cool arty black and white photos of kitchen items that probably cost far more than I'd pay even if it wasn't just for my kitchen. So I thought why don't I try taking a few of my own. There are about 15 of them so I'll have to choose my favorites to frame. Here are a few for your enjoyment... or derision (you have every right to hate them). What do you think?

Ha ha ha. I just realised if you click on that last one of the serving set you can see my reflection in the spoon. That's probably not good photography but it gives me a happy.


Chazya said...


do some for mine?

Eventually i will get my own place and need artwork, I don't have a camera yet, your welcome to do some for mine, I'll buy 'em.

Why not sell the extras?

Dani said...

Awesome I love positive feed back. I'll tell you what, I'm going to take some more and then I'll put them all on flikr, if you want you can print some from there. I'll post a link once they're up.

schelle said...

that's perfect photography! very esher

they look nice

TK said...

Love those photos. I think your reflection adds to the drama.