Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day in the Life of Vladi

Saturday 7:20 am asleep at Moms feet. Hairless sister starts to make noise in the other room. I go to check on her Mom follows.

7:25 am after supervising the diaper change I lead Mom and hairless sister out to living room. Hairless sister scatters her things around room. Mom and I lay on couch still sleepy until hairless sister sees me and comes over. Perhaps I'll go check in on Dad who's still in the bedroom.

8:30 Dad gets up and goes to living room. I go outside and investigate over sized rodents (Evil bunnies). Whoa buddy okay okay I'll leave you alone. Did anyone see me get schooled by that rodent? Let's see what's happening back in the house.

9:20 Dad makes me dance the hornpipe. What's up with that? I'm gonna go sit with Mom and hairless sister. Now this is nice. Mom scratches my ears and butt and gives me kisses. Hairless sister gives me a few kisses too. Hu she's kind of sweet for someone who doesn't have fur.

9:45 Yummm I smell milk. I perch on the hassock by Dad to see what he's eating. Mom tells me, "No Vladi you can't have gram crackers." Who said anything about crackers, I want what's in Dad's glass.

10:10 Hairless sister takes a nap. I have some free time then. I think I'll go sleep in Mom's under ware drawer she loves that.

10:30 Mom makes me leave under ware drawer. Go to find comfy spot in yard to sleep for the next few hours.

1:15 Mom comes out looking for me and says, "Oh I thought I heard you meowing like you were trapped somewhere." Mental note ventriloquism lessons were a good investment.

3:45 Hairless sister interrupts Dad while he's trying to use the computer. What's she thinking? It's only cute when I do that.

5:00 Dad takes hairless sister and hairy brother and sister on a walk. I seize the opportunity to be the centre of Mom's attention. Much butt scratching and purring ensues.

7:30 hairless sister is in bed Mom and Dad are relaxing in living room. Time for some love.
Jump on large chair and rub on Mom's book until she pets me.

7:45 Jump to the couch and head but Dad's arm until he pets me.

8:00 Jump on large chair and rub on Mom's book until she pets me.

8:15 Jump to the couch and head but Dad's arm until he pets me.

8:30 Jump on large chair and rub on Mom's book until she pets me.

8:45 Jump to the couch and head but Dad's arm until he pets me.

10:30 Go outside to enjoy the evening. I should really get Mom something. She's so great and I haven't given her a present in a while. Now what would she like? Maybe a nice stick. You can never have to many sticks. Yes I think a stick will be perfect.

2:30 am Meow meow meow. Mom sticks he head out the pet door. "Yes Vladi that's a nice stick now shut up." she yawns. I did good. Go in side to lay next to Mom's pillow and get some love.


leeann said...

Perhaps Monkey needs to come have a playdate with your Vladi and Hairless Sister so as to learn proper cat behavior. She sure ain't learning it from me yet.

Dani said...

What a great idea. We LOVE pets!

Arwen, Wildlife Warrior said...

Dani - I love your quotes of the do you get them?

Dani said...

Thanks. I love quotes.

Some of them are just things I know like song lyrics or lines from movies I like but to be honest I was affraid I'd run out so I started googaling quotes on subjects that interested me and I saved the ones I liked in a word doc. Then I just go pick one that tickles my fancy or it may be relevant to the days post.

Arwen, Wildlife Warrior said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing! I've been using your daily quotes as my gchat status's for awhile. I guess your fancy has been aligned with my mood lately!

Plus, I really love the cat quotes. Hehe.

TK said...

I think you are WAY to creative for a law office. You need to be working over there at Pixar. Give hairless sister a hug for me. I will see her SOON.

Savanna said...

I want a hairless cat sooo bad. But my mother would probably kill me.