Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Under What Circumstances?

A couple years ago I bought a bag of bite size snickers and brought it to work to share. At one point I grabbed one and realized it was empty just full of air. That was annoying but not worth making a big deal about. However by the time we went through the whole bag we'd found 8 sealed but empty wrappers. I thought this was a jip so I decided to call and complain. I called the phone number on the package and got a recording that stated their hours of operation, named the departments, and also included the message that if this was an emergency you should call 911. That threw me for a loop. I just couldn't envision a scenario in which someone in an emergency situation would call M&M/Mars. Allergic reaction to peanuts?

BTW: I'm still sick. I'm feeling worse than yesterday partly because Fiona (for the third night in a row) didn't sleep more than 2 hours in a row all night. Last night was actually better than the two before but still. I know she can't help it, she was waking up because her tinny little nose is all stuffed up and she couldn't breathe but I'm still so tired I start crying for no good reason. I really hope we both feel better before Thursday otherwise we're going to have to skip Thanksgiving so we don't expose the other children to this yicky crud.

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Amy Baldwin said...

I'm sorry your sick and tired, I cry when I am exhausted sometimes too! I hope you dont skip thanksgiving either! You cant miss out on all the yumm food and the red wine binging....