Friday, November 21, 2008

The Final Vamparific Entry

Awww crap I can't get the stupid pictures to load in the rite order. Seriously Blogger get your crap together. Oh well scroll down to see the movie poster first.

#1. Queen of the Damned-Yep believe it or not another Anne Rice adaptation. Still hate her, think she sucks, hated the books (see look I gave her several chances & she still pisses me off) but.......Stuart Townsend (sigh). This really didn't stick to closely to the book(s) which is all to the good as far as I'm concerned. It's also not really that great of a movie but SEXY as all get out.
Sorry this is the best picture I could find on line.

OMG awesome soundtrack. They wrote some original songs for Lestat's band to perform and their actually good (probably 'cause real musicians wrote em). Also the girl in this has hair exactly the color I wish I could get mine to stay (Not Aaliyah the red head).

I'm excited about Twilight on Sunday. It's getting really mixed reviews either they LOVE it or they HATE it. I'm hoping to be in the former category. I may break my promise re not mentioning vampires just to let you know if I liked it but then I'll shut up (for a while).

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